The life of a waffle

I walked into a magical forest


I walked around St. Johns today and found a park I had never been to before, from a distance I could see just a wall of trees, upon further exploration I found this entrance. I was incited by the colors and the canopy of forest so deep.  

 A little further into the park I notice there are some buildings that looked pretty old, they had moss on top of them and many vegetation. All around me there were people playing Frisbee golf and walking there dog, I had brought my book (The perks of being a wallflower) and wanted to lay in the sun and read. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the perfect spot to read, since there were so many people throwing Frisbee around me. So my search for the perfect spot continued.  

Then suddenly out of the woods a little way I found it! A perfect clearing that looked just about perfect to sit and read, plenty of sun, nice grass almost too perfect. I did sit there for awhile and listen to some music 

 and laid in the grass for awhile, until a bunch of little kids and there mothers proceeded to go to the swings and playground next to me, so my curiosity and need for somewhere quiet got the best of me. I continued to walk further into the park not realizing how big it actually was, the park actually has a swimming pool, baseball field, and a skate park. Some of the things I couldn’t find or just didn’t think would be as interesting to take photos of.


I really couldn’t get over how green everything was and how peaceful it was here. I continued walking and taking pictures every so often, some day I would like to come back and play some Frisbee golf though. 

 And that’s when I saw it the perfect path, I knew it was a sign that I was close to finding that perfect spot to read and look at the clouds, I was getting a little tired of trying to avoid the Frisbee’s being thrown around.

The path led up to the baseball field which was not at use at the time, so I decided that it would be a perfect place. I plopped down and looked around, there were people playing Frisbee golf, walking there dogs, and riding there bikes around me, it was perfect.

The book is really good, and since I saw the movie  I thought I needed to read it. I believe I am on part 3 at the moment and will continue to come back to this park to read it. Oh and no blog would be complete without including a picture of the blogger right? 

 Yeah I need to go home and shave….. 

Wild World

Oh baby baby, it’s a wild world, 

Searching in the darkness you find nothing but the sounds of the city, people walking everywhere but towards you. Faceless people all with there own purpose, but why haven’t you found yours? What are you doing searching in the darkest of places? What are you hoping to find? Love? Why are we always searching for that one true thing? The sidewalk in it’s stillness is your only friend, leading you down the path that you once forgotten, to the people that you need the most, the love you have once lost. Do not fret though for I have found you now, and this moment shall last forever the darkness shall never bother you again for I will be there with you, to protect you and guard you from the troubles that are in your head and the wild world that we live in. 

Then you wake up, believing it was all true, the love the laughs the tears…. forever gone taken by the light of the day, never to be found again. One day you will find it, it will not be in your dreams anymore, for somewhere out there you wait, and he shall find you on that glorious day. Your eyes will meet and you will know in that moment that you where destined to meet. The sidewalk will bring you together, through the crowd of faceless people they will meet. You will not notice anyone but her, everyone around you will melt away and yours she will forever be, no this is not a dream this is finally it, your glorious moment has finally come true. 

Trust in me, you will one day find her… 


You feel that you haven’t found your place that you’re  just a floating spirit traveling, searching for something, someone an inkling of hope. Sometimes you have to go out of your comfort zone to find that something, that someone, although lost you may seem, without hope, or a sense of direction, but you will find what you are looking for.. We all are searching for something bigger then ourselves, something that makes sense, something that just feels right. Will you ever find what you’re looking for child? Yes, it is our destiny to find it! It must be true, you keep your head up and you will find what you are looking for, though impossible it may seem I believe in you. You have to believe in yourself, if you don’t then what do you have? You’re lost again child… searching… shadows engulfing you from every corner..hungry.  Do not fear though my child, for the shadows are there to teach you.. the’re all in your head, we’re all lost but once we find each other we will be okay, trust in my words and you will see…. trust me, I will find you… I will find you and everything will be okay, I will guide you through the darkness and we will find  the light together, you will never be alone again, I promise. 

I love you…


Love so many people take that word for granted throwing it around and using it when they don’t even mean it. But why? Why do people think that they can use this four letter word so lightly? When it is one of the most powerful words? I guess people just think it’s a word and that if they use it they will make the person happy even if they don’t mean it. They just know that someone else will come into there life’s a little after this person, so why not sweeten this person up before moving on? 
Also if you are in a relationship with someone that is like your best friend someone that you can talk to, someone that you can tell anything to. And you know that they will still love you no matter what you talk about. Some people do not realize that, that is how a relationship should be, not all shady and hording your girl scared that she is always going to leave you and telling her not to wear certain things because you are scared other guys are going to look at her. You have to trust your girl and know that she is going to be with you maybe forever if you are lucky and you are devoted….